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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we purchase Coach House directly from the factory?

Our products are built with such care, detail and exceptional quality, we felt the buying experience should be the same. We only sell Factory Direct. Customers who take the time to learn about Coach House, our company and Products, know that our ambition is to build the best Class B and B+ Motor Homes in our Industry. If you purchase a Coach House Product we want you to be very knowledgeable and have a thorough understanding prior to taking off on your maiden voyage. We provide an informative tour of our facilities and detailed walk through during delivery.

For additional information please call one of our Factory Representatives. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST at (941) 867-3060.

We live in an area where there aren’t any Coach House dealers. How can we see and inspect Coach House before we purchase?

There are several possible ways:

1. Research our products online. We encourage customers to visit internet blogs and forums to see what others are saying. We think you will be impressed!  Coach House prides itself on being a great product and wonderful family run company.

2. Coach House offers a factory direct fly-and-buy program where you can visit our facilities and if you purchase, Coach House will refund your travel expenses.

3. We provide nationwide delivery, and,

4. We can consummate a sale over the phone and arrange to pick-up your trade and deliver your new Platinum right to your home!

Contact Coach House for further details at (941) 867-3060

How do we obtain warranty service and attention?

We have minimized the need for warranty service by building our Products with great care and attention to the smallest details. We use only the best components and material available in the RV Industry.

If there is a need for warranty service, any reputable RV Dealer in the U.S. or Canada can perform any work needed. Coach House will honor (with prior approval) warranty service from just about any RV service company in North America. If a chassis or drive train problem arises, most Ford or Mercedes Dealers can perform service. This gives our customers peace of mind while traveling.

How long as Coach House been in business?

Coach House is a family-run business started in 1985. We have built our reputation on building exceptional products and providing great customer service. In the years of producing motor homes, we have repeat customers now on their third, fourth and fifth Coach House.

The Platinum is not a typical assembly-line built motor home. Each Platinum is constructed using staged-progression assembly, which translates to better quality, safer designs, excellent fit and finish, and perhaps the most outstanding vehicle found in the RV Industry.

Why is Coach House more expensive than some other motor homes?

Unlike larger motor homes, Coach House was engineered using a one-piece, hand laid, fiberglass exterior body. The body does not have seams or joints that can eventually leak, squeak, or crack. This engineering challenge took 18 months to perfect. Larger motor homes are screwed together in as many as 9+ separate panels. Where each joint is attached, there can be a potential failure. In addition to the exterior engineering, assembly inside was also a challenge. By installing the body to the chassis before construction, only one to two assemblers can be inside the coach at one time. This is labor-intensive, but assures a tighter fit of all cabinets and components.

All materials, appliances, and components are name-brand and RV-related. There is no particleboard used in the cabinets. All wood is a half inch or three-quarters inch CARB2 rated lite-ply plywood which has virtually no formaldehyde. Hinges and draw slides are all Blum soft closing, adjustable, so the cabinet doors and drawers can stay symmetrical for the life of the unit. Every detail, from materials to appliances, is scrutinized before installation. Our goal, to produce the very best motor homes available in our Industry.

What kind of gas mileage can we expect?

The Ford E-450 has a new 7.3L gas engine and 6 speed transmission.  Data is not yet available.

The Mercedes-powered diesel ranges from 15-20 mpg.

Ford Transit converted to a 3.6L Eco-Boost gas engine with a 10 speed transmission.  Data is not yet available.

Can the Platinum be used year-round? How well is the Platinum insulated? What about the plumbing system?

1. The Platinum is perhaps the best insulated vehicle in its class. Every part of the interior is insulated with a double aluminum sided heavy duty insulation. When completed, the vehicle carries a wonderful insulation factor.

2. Coach House motor homes are unique in offering an all-weather plumbing system. The fresh water system (lines, tank, water pump) are inside the coach and protected from freezing (provided the interior temperature is kept above 32°F), and road damage.

3. Outside grey and black water tanks are protected from freezing by our 12V heated tank feature or by adding RV antifreeze. (It is important to note this complete system should be winterized if the vehicle is not used.) The holding tank capacities have increased throughout the years as well as interior storage for clothing, canned goods, utensils, personal belongings, etc. We put our engineers to work to maximize space in these areas.